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18 Pain Sites Of Fibromyalgia

Doctors Can Diagnose Fibromyalgia Patients By Using Common Symptoms And The 18 Pain Sites Of Fibromyalgia.

When doctors diagnose fibromyalgia, they need a complete history of the patient, but the best way to diagnose this disease is during the exam. The doctor will press on the 18 pain sites of fibromyalgia to see how the patient reacts. Located in the tissue around the patient's joints, when the doctor presses on them, the patient will feel either pressure or extreme pain. Right now, no other specific test exists to diagnose this painful disease. You can find nine pain sites on each side of the body. Starting from the top you can find three tender points on the right and left sides on the upper back, shoulders, and neck, two on the neck and collarbone in the front.

You will find one on each arm opposite your elbow, one on the back outer side of your hips, one just below each outer side of the buttock cheek, and one on each leg on the inside of your knee. Coming from the Latin word fibrous tissue (fibro) and Greek terms muscle (myo) and pain (algia), fibromyalgia patients suffer from a variety of symptoms like deep muscle pain, chronic fatigue, sleep problems, irritable bowel syndrome, and anxiety to name a few. The main symptom that sends patients to the doctor centers on the widespread pain.

The patients may describe the pain as tender, throbbing, burning, sore, gnawing, and/or aching. He or she might also say that the pain moves around, with the person never knowing where they will hurt tomorrow. Talk to your doctor about the 18 pain sites of fibromyalgia, and make sure to tell him/her all your symptoms. While the cause and cure for this disease remains unknown, you can learn to live with the pain. With the help of medications, pacing yourself, and treating any other medical problems you have, you can lead a relatively normal life.

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