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Elavil For Fibromyalgia

Elavil for Fibromyalgia Helps Regulate Sleep Problems.

Elavil, also known as Amitriptyline, is a tricyclic antidepressant drug that is mainly used in the treatment of depression. Elavil works by bringing chemicals in the brain that have become unbalanced, into balance. For this reason Elavil has also been proven affective in helping alleviate the pain associated with fibromyalgia in some people. It also helps regulate the sleep problems that plague most fibromyalgia patients. Elavil will sometimes be prescribed along with a lower dose of another antidepressant such as Prozac. The combination seems to be more effective than taking either of the drugs alone. Elavil needs to be used as part of a wellness program when treating fibromyalgia.

Daily exercise, a regular bedtime and other medications may be a part of the regimen that helps Elavil work best. While many people do find that Elavil gives them relief and helps treat their fibromyalgia symptoms, it does not work for everyone. As with any medication, you'll need to work with your doctor to find the treatment options that work best for you. Elavil is just one of many antidepressant type drugs that are used to treat fibromalgia symptoms.

Doxepin is one that is most similar to Elavil, but what makes the Elavil more effective for treating fibromyalgia is the fact that it helps with the pain, and the sleep problems, where Doxepin only helps relieve the chronic pain. There are always risks when taking an antidepressant drug such as Elavil. Elavil can increase suicidal thoughts and suicidal behavior, especially in young people. While this side effect is very rare, it's always best to be aware of what you're taking. Elavil is a great drug that has brought relief to many fibromyalgia patients, who would be suffering without it. If you are healthy enough and aren't taking any conflicting medications, Elavil is worth trying out for fibromyalgia relief.

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