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Fibromyalgia Diet

Planning For A Fibromyalgia Diet - Don't Let Fibromyalgia Worsen And Further Your Pain, Start Planning Now To Ease Your Condition.

Fibromyalgia is a disorder affecting most women wherein there is problem in pain perception. The individual who has this condition may complain of pain most of the time. Aside from the pain in the joints, muscles or tendons of the body, the individual will also present an overwhelming fatigue. Unfortunately, the cause is still unknown and there are no medical approaches that can treat this medical condition as of the present. The only hope for the lessening of the presenting symptoms is by planning a fibromyalgia diet. When looking for the most effective fibromyalgia diet, you will be surprised on how confusing the instructions are. Some would say to eat more whole grains, while some would say to avoid them. Others would recommend eating fruits, while others would say fruits are bad. This is simply because diversity is one of the hallmarks of this medical condition. According to experts, there is no specific diet required for fibromyalgia simply because this condition has no specific illness to point out.

It is considered more as a complex symptom that occurs to various people in different presenting symptoms. Therefore, what might work on one individual may not be an effective diet or treatment for the other. It is still best to work hand in hand together with your physician to discover what would be the most effective approach in your condition. Since the common complain of individuals with this medical condition is pain all over the body which may also include fatigue and restless sleep, you can reduce the pain by eating the right kinds of foods. Aside from these symptoms, dry mouth, swollen extremities can also be felt. Therefore, here are some fibromyalgia diet tips that can help you cope with the condition: First of all, eat the right kind of carbohydrates. Eating light carbs will keep the insulin in a lower level which can be of big help in minimizing the symptoms of fibromyalgia. Examples of light carbohydrates are blueberries, strawberries, mushrooms, string beans, and bell peppers.

In the protein corner, choose a diet with low cholesterol and saturated fats. White chicken meat, turkey breast and egg whites, as well as soy hot dogs, burgers and sausages are allowed in your diet in this condition. Since the individual feels tired most of the time, avoid foods that can further cause fatigue such as foods or drinks with caffeine. Soda beverages, chocolates, processed fried foods and red meats can cause an individual to be more active. And in this case, we would like to reserve the energy of the individual. For dairy products, it is best to keep track of what you eat every day. This is in order for you to know which foods can trigger the symptoms and which foods are successful in minimizing the symptoms. Since there are no treatments that can prove its effectivity in an individual with FMS, it is best to know these facts, at least to minimize the pain and other symptoms of the illness.

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