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FMS symptoms affect millions daily. But, what causes it? Fibromyalgia Symptoms
Many fibromyalgia symptoms can be observed by anyone. Fibromyalgia Treatments
No one has to "live" with FMS. Many treatments are available. Fibromyalgia Diet
An FMS diet can help alleviate the daily effects of FMS. Fibromyalgia Pain Relief
Most common medications used for FMS treatment.

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Fibromyalgia Support Groups

Finding Fibromyalgia Support Groups And Doctors Are Not Hard To Find; Organizations And Foundations Are Available To Help You Realize That You Are Not Alone.

So few people have heard of fibromyalgia, and fewer still understand what it is, even many doctors find it hard to diagnose, as the chronic pain and often the fatigue that accompanies it can present initially as other maladies. As with other chronic diseases or disorders, there are different levels and symptoms, and gaining an understanding of where you fit in is ever so important. There are many fibromyalgia support groups that are supportive and can assist with gaining the necessary knowledge to help you navigate through the myriad of what may seem like a very lonely place to be. There are also many books on the subject and perhaps starting with some reading material may be a great way to gain a basic understanding of fibromyalgia.

Your local library is a good resource and can certainly assist and a good way to research and compare different fibromyalgia support groups. There are community support groups sponsored by local hospitals, clinics, foundations and organizations that are patient-centered that support not only the patient, but their families as well. Good fibromyalgia support groups should have accurate up to date information that will benefit you, not bring you down or depress you, and help you cope with the stress, anxiety and depression that often accompany fibromyalgia, as well as provide insights into pain management. Many individuals find a sense of belonging with a support group, the sharing of their experiences, and learning from others help you realize that they are not alone.

That experience in itself can be very therapeutic. Many fibromyalgia support groups have been organized and started by people who simply want more in depth information, people who want to be a part of a well-managed support group, an organization that is truly dedicated to understanding and addressing the real issues of their chronic medical problem. There are several national organizations that can assist in providing the tools needed to start a support group, and can act as an advocate and help guide you as to where to go for resources and educational materials.

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