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Fibromyalgia Tender Points

The difficulties of living with fibromyalgia and how doctors look at fibromyalgia tender points to diagnose patients

Fibromyaglia is a disease that creates widespread pain throughout the bones and surrounding areas. Despite the fact that it is a very common arthritis related disease after osteoarthritis, patients are often misdiagnosed. Extreme fatigue is a well known symptom in patients who suffer from fibromyalgia, and may interfere with the completion of daily activities. If you've noticed a sudden amount of anxiety and/or extreme joint pain, go see your doctor right away. Hence that these are tell-tale signs of fibromyalgia.

There are 18 tender points located on the body. Your doctor will press on one or more of these areas to see if you have any abnormal sensitivity. In patients with fibromyalgia, these tender points will be highly sensitive. Patients who don't have fibromyalgia will not be affected by any pressure placed on these areas. No two people will have the exact same symptoms, but most will agree that the pain is felt all over. The pain has been described as a bone ache, pin and needle sensation, or a stabbing/burning sensation. Muscles may feel like they have been overly exerted. Many patients have stated that pain can be tolerated to an extent, but at it's worse can be unbearable. As if muscle and joint pain aren't enough, many Fibromyalgia patients sufferer from headaches, inadequate sleep, fatigue, and irregular bowel movements. Patients will describe fibromyaligia symptoms to be equivalent to flu symptoms.

The 18 pressure sites doctors use to diagnose fibromyalgia are located around the neck, shoulder, chest, hip, knee and elbow regions. Other tender spots have been located, but aren't used in diagnosing patients. Your doctor may conduct a thyroid test since an underactive thyroid can mirror fibromyalgia symptoms as well, he may also conduct a CBC or complete blood count test, as well as a glucose test to eliminate any other causes behind your symptoms.

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