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Foods To Avoid With Fibromyalgia

What Are The Foods To Avoid With Fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia syndrome or FMS is a condition when the individual feels pain when touched. This is a musculoskeletal disorder where the individual also feels fatigue and insomnia associated or brought about by the pain. By knowing what foods to avoid with fibromyalgia, there is a big possibility that the pain and the inflammation can be minimized as well as it can help the body keep with energy to prevent fatigue. The symptoms would usually depend and vary on different persons. However, this condition would generally affect women. The fibromyalgia diet plan will not basically treat the condition, itself, but it can lessen the presenting symptoms to help to individual go through with his or her life normally. Although, it is not a guarantee that when individual follows the foods to avoid with fibromyalgia, symptoms can be minimized. The effect of the diet plan varies from different individuals with fibromyalgia as well as the presenting symptoms of the medical condition. To know and understand more, here are the foods to avoid with fibromyalgia in individuals and what you can do to lessen the symptoms.

Artificial sweeteners should be avoided by individuals with fibromyalgia because it can cause the symptoms to worsen. In this condition, individuals have highly sensitive pain receptors making them feel pain even in the slightest touch. Artificial sweeteners can initiate stimulation of these pain receptors making the pain worsen. Other foods that can stimulate activity of the pain receptors would be MSG and nitrates. These types of additives can usually be found in most processed or frozen foods. MSG is being used to add flavor to the dishes, but individuals diagnosed with fibromyalgia should avoid this as not to increase the presenting pain. Since individuals with fibromyalgia also suffer from inability to sleep, it is best to avoid foods or drinks that stimulate the nervous system, especially during night time. Foods that are high in sugar such as chocolates and candies should be avoided during night time. Drinks such as sodas and caffeine also stimulates the nervous system, thus needs to be avoided by the individuals with fibromyalgia.

Aside from sweet foods, foods that are high in fats and friend should is also advisable to avoid because it can further aggravate the inflammation and the pain that is felt by the individual. To promote sleep at night, it is best to avoid strenuous activities that would generally activate the sympathetic nervous system making the individual alert and awake for the whole night. Aside from the foods to avoid for individuals with fibromyalgia, promotion of sleep can also be done through changing your lifestyle. Try to perform relaxation techniques such as yoga and deep breathing before going to bed to lower down your alert level before going to bed. Make a surroundings that is dark and quiet, which will be conducive for sleeping. If you not allergic to milk, you can drink milk because it warm milk can promote a good sleep at night. Aside from milk, herbal tea would also be effective in promoting sleep.

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