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Tramadol For Fibromyalgia

Tramadol Can Be Used for Both Injuries and Fibromyalgia Treatment for Many Individuals.

is an analgesic used for treating moderate to severe pain in patients who live with fibromyalgia. Tramadol for fibromyalgia may be taken orally or adminstered intravenously, it is known to be an effective medication for easing the pain of most types of neuralgia. Developed by a German pharmaceutical company called Grunenthal GmbH, Tramadol for fibromyalgia has been used for pain management since the 1970s. Chemie Grunenthal of Stolberg-am-Rhein is located in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

The company was formed shortly after World War II as a manufacturer of cosmetics, soaps, and toiletries. Tramadol for fibromyalgia is prescribed to patients that have been injured in accidents, those suffering from sports injuries, or muscle injuries caused by other activities like gardening or remodeling. People who have presistant back pain, muscle spasms, tenderness, and chronic body aches use Tramadol for fibromyalgia as a painkiller to relieve and relax sore muscles. Chemie Grunenthal holds the patent to tramadol, but they have cross-license agreements with pharmaceutical companies all over the world. Tramadol for fibromyalgia is marketed under many different trade names including Ryzolt, Tramadex, Siverol, and Ultradol. Pharmaceutical and drug manufacturers such as Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, and Bayer offer products that are similar to Tramadol for fibromyalgia. Flanax and Apromax from Bayer Health Care, Duragesic by Johnson & Johnson, and Pfizer's Lycra are all variations of Tramadol for fibromyalgia.

Tramadol for fibromyalgia is available by prescription in the United States and Canada, it can also be purchased over the counter in a few countries. In some areas like Kentucky and Sweden, Tramadol for fibromyalgia is considered a controlled substance. Providing fast acting relief for patients who experience constant pain, the frequent use of Tramadol for fibromyalgia has led to substance abuse in many cases. Tramadol for fibromyalgia should only be used as pain medication in prescribed doses to prevent prescription medication abuse.

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